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The roast dinner game in London is STRONG.

Saying that, we don’t know anywhere else in London that you can get Beef, Lamb AND Pork all in. That’s where the gorgeous Blacklock comes in.

It’s a truly incredible amount of food and we’ll be impressed if you actually finish it but it’s certainly fun giving it a go. The sides were as good as the meat, which is really saying something – the cauliflower cheese is not to be missed. AND it’s only 20 quid per person.

Located in Soho, granted it’s not the obvious place for a Sunday roast, BUT the unassuming spot opens up into a fun, meaty den that’s perfect for a gang of you to take over for the afternoon. Start with a round of gin & juice (the juice ain’t just any ol’ juice, it’s created by the lovely Dom (Samphire and Salsify) & his boyfriend and comes complete with a mini bottle of gin. The perfect detox/retox combo.

Gin & Juice

You won’t need it but you MUST order the scallops to start – they are scrape the shell clean incredible – wood roasted and served with black pudding. It took all of our self-control not to order another portion.


Once you’ve finally ploughed your way through that meat marathon (did we mention all the meat is cooked over English smoked oak – and it smells incredible!) you’ll want dessert. Served up like your nana used to make, the super friendly and down to earth staff bring the whole tray over and give you a bloody big spoon full of homemade cheesecake with a side helping of rhubarb for you to add as you wish.


They know it’s good, they are practically fully booked well into the new year. SO make that booking now and rub your hands in glee when your slot eventually rolls round.



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