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Blacklock City

Our friends at Blacklock have only gone and done it again!

We LOVED the original Soho branch, but so did everyone else, and it had got pretty busy in there of late. So we were thrilled to hear that they’d found a second home on Philpot Lane, totally in keeping with the original. It’s bigger but still has those moody basement vibes, you’ll still find the antique drinks trolley doing the rounds, and of course, those chops are still proudly centre stage.

So what’s new? Well Blacklock have seriously upped their starter game. Scary as it might sound, we can’t recommend the new pig’s head on toast highly enough (no wait, come back!). Don’t let the name put you off and you’ll be rewarded with a lightly toasted slice of ciabatta, and a mountain of meaty goodness topped with chilli and served alongside a jug of gravy so good we’d have swum in it, given half a chance. Scallops are also excellent, served in-shell with a coating of rich black pudding.

Blacklock City

All of your favourite chops are still here, and if you haven’t visited before, you’ve got to go ‘all in’ – pre chop bites, and all of the day’s skinny chops, served with flatbread and a side each – for the bargain price of £20.

BUT if you’re looking for something new, allow us to introduce the bacon chop. Lightly smoked, deliciously salty and slightly sweet from the caramelisation of the fat. Not normally a fan of very fatty meat, we couldn’t get enough of this, as the fat was tasty, not chewy. Be sure to load some veggies onto your plate by way of sides (there are no other veggie options on the menu). We double dipped the beef dripping chips into Béarnaise and Chilli Hollandaise, because we’re animals like that. They’ve even managed to make an innocent veggie like kale blush with a liberal coating of parmesan.

Blacklock City 1

For us, you can’t beat their cheesecake with rhubarb, served family style, straight from the dish, but there is also a bread and butter pud for those wanting something heartier.

You’ll stay nicely lubricated with cocktails for a fiver (a FIVER!) but don’t leave without trying the new nightcap – Delaplane Coffee – a cold brew with sass (and rum).


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