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Blacklock Branch Out!

We all know that Soho hotspot Blacklock is infamous for its incredible chops. However, did you know that this summer those clever chaps have branched out to include a bigger array of meaty goodness at incredibly good prices.

Just like the chops, we’re talking about the best British meat you can get, given the Blacklock treatment in the kitchen.

55-day aged rump cap steaks with the creamiest fat you’ll ever taste, alongside some beautifully tender hanger steaks, throw in a couple of those dreamy maple cured bacon chops, and that’s just a sample of what’ll be gracing the Blacklock menu this summer. Beautifully cut and arranged to encourage sharing, the portions are insane for the pice. (£10-£12).

And it’s def worth mentioning that ALL the sides are incredible – we couldn’t get enough of the parmesan kale and the chunky beef dripping chips.


Not ONLY that they are now taking pre-theatre reservations!

(Normally they only take bookings at lunch and for 6+ in the evenings, but like to leave most of the tables in the restaurant free for walk-ins so that you can pop in whenever you choose.)

But with Blacklock being situated in the heart of theatreland and with a barrage of requests for early reservations, the guys thought why don’t we also take bookings for tables of any size until 6pm to give people what they want?

So now they do! Meaning you can guarantee that pre-theatre table so you won’t miss the opening hurrah. Hurrah!

Every time we visit we remember that we want to invite ALL of our friends for a big Sunday roast – complete with cheesecake dished straight out of the bowl to your plate. With a similar-ish offering as Flat Iron but without the catchy soundbite (£10 steak), it’s not one to overlook.

Fab location, gorgeous space, fab menu, we really do love everything about Blacklock – it seems they can do no wrong.

You can book online or by getting in touch with the Blacklock team on 0203 441 6996 or



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