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The Big Matt Meal at Hawksmoor

It all started on Independence Day – Hawksmoor launched the Big Matt burger and they haven’t looked back since. 

Originally only set to be on the menu for a limited time, the Big Matt is sticking around until the end of September and it’s only got bigger! The Big Matt Meal not only includes the Big Matt burger, but also dripping fries and Hawksmoor’s famous Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew. So what exactly is the Big Matt burger, we hear you cry!

One thing is for sure, when they say big they mean big! Designed by Hawksmoor Executive Chef Matt Brown, the burger has two charcoal grilled 100% beef patties with Hawksmoor special sauce, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheese, shredded iceberg, onions and homemade pickles, all sandwiched between a sesame bun. And what does it taste like? The best Big Mac you’ve ever eaten (get it – Big Matt?!) It’s the way you always hope a Big Mac will taste at 2am on the way home from a night out (not just us surely?) First of all the beef tastes like beef, something we shouldn’t really need to clarify about a burger! The Hawksmoor special sauce is delicious and, not usually a pickle fan, these homemade versions are pretty damn tasty. And did we mention it’s BIG??

Alongside the burger you get dripping fries and we can honestly say these are some of the best we’ve ever had. Perfectly crispy but filled with fluffy potato. Our only grumble was the tomato ketchup – it’s also homemade. And while it is good, we aren’t ashamed to admit that for a burger and fries, all we really want is Heinz. You also get Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew, a combination of Beefeater, Ginger, Lemon and London Pride. Served ice cold, this is best drunk quickly. Although you’re a better man than us if you can eat and drink everything on offer in the Big Matt Meal – again, it’s BIG!

If by some miracle you don’t feel full to burst, you can also sample their Deep-fried Apple Pie and Ice Cream, created by Pastry Chef Carla Henriques.

The Big Matt Meal costs £20 (good value for the quality burger, delicious fries and a drink) and is available from 12pm-6.30pm, Monday to Saturday at all Hawksmoor restaurants and in the evenings at Spitalfields Bar until the end of September.


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