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Bibimbap Soho

The concept is a simple one but from the curious looks on peoples faces as they wander up to Bibimbap, you’d have thought it would be some over-elaborate Asian offering (maybe with conveyor belts and multicoloured bowls…..oh wait).
Bibimbap is exactly what it says on the tin… bibimbap; a signature Korean dish which literally translates to ‘mixed rice’ (thank you Wikipedia). Nice and simple!
We opted for the beef and spicy pork options from the quite varied menu. Unfortunately, we skipped the starters and sides which we totally regretted after getting a bit of food envy over other people’s orders!
Served in hot stone bowls, bibimbap consists of a layer of rice topped with vegetables, then your meat of choice with a fried egg on top. The hot stone bowl keeps its heat throughout the meal so there’s no fear of it not tasting like it’s just come fresh out of the kitchen! Within the space of probably an hour, the restaurant went from sparse to forming a small queue out of the door, and this was a Monday evening straight after work. So it’s definitely a popular destination in Soho.
For the price and portion, it would make a great lunch time visit. Go educate yourselves on the art of bibimbap!

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