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Beyond London

Set to open on 20th October, Beyond is Kensington’s first lounge to offer gourmet dining and expertly crafted cocktails.

Renowned chef Ian Pengelley (ex-Gilgamesh & Chai Wu will be treating Beyond London’s guests to Pan-Asian small plates. Key dishes you can look forward to enjoying include, Sea Bass and Gold Flake Steamed Dumplings, Mixed Bubbling and Smoking Sashimi and Green Tea Chocolate Fondant.

On the new project, Chef Pengelley states: “Bridging together the love of food, drink and incredible service, this new venture will please those with impeccable taste. Beyond is going to offer the Kensington neighbourhood award winning food and drink with a club-like feel – music, fun, dancing. Beyond will have it all.”

Joining Chef Pengelley at Beyond London will be award-winning mixologist Andy Mil who will be creating bespoke cocktails which pair alongside the small-plates.

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As one of the worlds most awarded bartenders and winner of the Imbibe Bar Personality of the Year for Achievements Under 30, he takes inspiration from the most mundane things and makes them extraordinary. Now 26, he is a consultant to 3 top venues in London and recently opened The Cocktail Trading Co. in London and Her Majesty’s Secret Service in Bristol.

On his crafted drink menu for Beyond, Mil states, “The cocktail menu is a fluid impressionist account of the history of creation. With drinks spanning from the Big Bang, the creation of the Moon before moving onto the eons of earth and periods of man.”

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Guests can look forward to sipping on ground-breaking drinks including Ra! a cocktail that envelopes the table with orange oil and hydrogen air and is ignited at the table leaving a gold shimmering drink which represents the birth of the sun.


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