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Best Wine Deliveries & Subscriptions

Wine Deliveries

Ensure there’s always wine in time for the weekend with our round-up of the best wine deliveries and subscriptions. Whether you’re looking to learn a bit more, need help deciphering the supermarket aisles or just want hassle-free great plonk on the regular, we’ve found the best newbies promising all of that and more.

Pingza Wine


Pingza is the new wine app that makes choosing your perfect wine simple. Finally! You’ll start by answering Pingza’s quick 8-point palate test which is designed to figure out exactly what kind of wine drinker you are. We can confirm they got our number spot on, figuring out we’re fans of elegant and smooth whites and big, powerful reds. So clever! Once Pingza has helped you pick a wine (in my case chardonnay, Argentinian Malbec and Californian zinfandel), it’ll show you the supermarket with the best deal so you’ll never be paying over the odds. It’s also super helpful to know what to go for from a restaurant wine list – life’s too short to waste money on a bottle you don’t love. They’ll also provide a little background to your bottle, with easy to understand lingo that won’t scare you off.

To download the Pingza app, click here.

Brad's Wines

Brad’s Wine

Originally a supplier of small-batch New World wines to the hospitality industry, Brad found himself having to adapt during the Coronavirus pandemic. The result, this new UK subscription service which gives customers the opportunity to try boutique wines from the comfort of your own home. Choose from either 6, 12 or 18 bottles a month (look, we’re not judging here) and let Brad know your favourite colour or preferred styles and he’ll come up with a specially tailored box, just for you. We went for a mixed box of white and rose and received

Prices start from:

6 bottles – £49 a month

12 bottles – £88 a month

18 bottles – £127 a month

Follow him on Instagram @brads_wine



Choose how many bottles you want (3, 6 or 12) and what mix of red, white and rosé you fancy, as well as how often you want it. Your selection will then be delivered carbon-neutrally to your door in sustainable, recyclable packaging. Simple!

We told them we weren’t too keen on Sauvignon Blanc and that we were all about the whites and roses at the mo and this delectable trio turned up the next day:

Cave de Ormarine Duc de Morny Picpoul de Pinet (one of our faves in the summer!)

Domaine de Vedilhan Viognier (one of their most popular wines)

Les Cerisiers Côtes du Rhône Rosé (a new addition to the range)

Prices start from:

3 bottles – £29.95

6 bottles – £57.95

12 bottles – £109.95

Every time you drink a bottle of Winepost wine, you can then go into your Winepost account to rate it out of 5, and also add comments and tasting notes which will help tailor the next selection you receive.



We wrote more about these guys here but in a nutshell, Ourglass is a wine discovery club connecting you to great bottles that you won’t find in the supermarket. Delivering nationwide, there are three levels to choose from but unlike some of the other clubs we’ve mentioned, spending more won’t necessarily get you more bottles, it will get you better ones.

The First Time £35 a month – 3 bottles, all around a tenner

Next Level: £75 a month – 3-5 bottles over that £10 barrier

Wine at Home: £120 a month – 3-6 absolute bangers

Wine at Home

Wine at Home

A fab new artisan wine delivery service based in London but delivering nationwide, Wine at Home supplied many of our favourite restaurants before COVID hit, including Bocca di Lupo, The Clove Club and The Drapers Arms. Working with artisanal, ethically produced wines made by small family growers, now you can get your hands on high-quality wine at trade prices. Sounds like a good deal, no? We love their mixed cases which currently start at under £70 for 6 bottles – particularly this ‘All white on the night’ box which is perfect for summer sipping. What’s more, you won’t find these wines anywhere else in the UK! A fab option if you want to stock up without a subscription.


We’ll be updating this with new wine deliveries and subscriptions as we find them! 

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