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Best Food Stalls at Glastonbury 2017

Although not a food festival as such, Glastonbury reigns supreme when it comes to cracking festival food. Whether you’re after comfort food favourites or want to broaden your horizons, Glastonbury offers options for Vegans to Meat Lovers and EVERYTHING in between. In fact we bet ya can’t find a cuisine it doesn’t cover. So leave your cereal bars at home and try and make your way around our top foodie picks for 2017….

Burger Bear

New to the festival, Burger Bear do some of the best burgers in London town. We highly recommend the Angry Bear with holy f*ck sauce. Say hi to Tom from us!

The Goan Seafood Company

Something of an institution, you haven’t really ‘done’ Glastonbury until you’ve tried one of these bad boys. In fact our veggie friend turned one-time pesci just so she could try it. Amazing fish curries that pack a serious punch.

Annie Mae’s Mac & Cheese

Sweet Cheesus, it wouldn’t be Glastonbury without faceplanting a bowl of steaming oozy pasta by these festival legends. We are all about the Don Macaroni with crispy bacon and basil, but also love the Kanye Western with hot dog – and not just for the great name.

Club Mexicana

VEGAN tacos and burritos. Sound shit but are better than words can do justice. Promise us you’ll try one. Or 10. Just as The Goan Seafood Company turned my friend (see above) this convinced my meat loving pal it was better than real fried chicken (less greasy!).

Wholefood Heaven

Our all-time favourite chef Anna Jones has a recipe based entirely on a dish she tried at Glastonbury from these guys. When you wake up with the mother of all hangovers, your body will thank you for a Buddha Bowl. A massaman curry with pineapple, potato and soya chunks, it comes covered in seeds, kale and kimchi – and there’s the option of halloumi cheese too.

Voodoo Ray’s

Located in Block 9, there’s nothing else we’d rather eat at 2am. Pizza by the slice is alllllways nice.

Dosa Deli

We can see why these guys were ‘Winners of the Best Vegetarian Dish’ award at the British Street Food Awards 2016. Spicy veggie goodness conveniently wrapped up in a pancake type wrap.

Strumpets with Crumpets

Start your day right with a sumptuous crumpet served by a right strumpet. Staff (both men and women!) wear corsets whilst loading your crumpet like a goodun. Go gourmet and choose a Cream Tea crumpet (with a cuppa!)

Oh and they’re open 24 hours a day, because who can really say when breakfast begins at this parallel universe that is Glastonbury?

The 50p Tea Tent

Because sometimes, you just need to have a little recharge somewhere mega chilled. Open 24 hours a day, there’s always someone playing a guitar, so just take your wellies off for a bit, sit on the floor and have some chill time.. Oh and cake – great cake. A sure fire way to bring even the most weary back to life.

Los Churros Amigos

Calling all sweet tooth’s – these amigos promise the tastiest, freshest Churros melted in Belgian Chocolate. Tom Jones said ““I’VE NEVER TRIED CHURROS BEFORE & I’M ALREADY HOOKED!”. Nuff said.

Beats Hotel

Beats Hotel brings back many a great memory. Sure, they have a great DJ lineup, sure the BBQ food is pretty great. But if there’s one thing I can’t wait to get my chops around this Glastonbury, it’s their ice cold frozen cocktails.

See you at the bar.

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