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Berber & Q vs. Chick ‘n’ Sours

We are BIG BIG fans of both so we’re super excited to hear that neighbouring grill house Berber & Q and fried chicken restaurant, Chick ‘n’ Sours will host a series of kitchen takeovers this November. Two rounds, over the 16th and 23rd will see a mix of Asian & Middle Eastern flavours from chefs Carl Clarke and Josh Katz, house crafted cocktails – and a soundtrack to match.

Round 1 will commence on the 16th November, when Carl and his brood will journey to Berber’s arch, battling it out with Josh’s meaty dishes. Carl’s takeover menu will list; Crispy chicken skin, schmaltz, smoked curds & pickled pomegranate; Szechuan-style coal roasted sweet potato and Smoked Mangalitsa pork belly rib, Korean BBQ sauce, collards, kimchi & bacon. Marking ‘The End’ will be Deep fried brioche, white miso ice cream, and butterscotch, salted peanut brittle.

On the 23rd, Josh will enter the ring for Round 2 – armed with his own meat rub, a one-off creation for the event. Josh will pluck out favourites from Carl’s fried chicken menu, adding his own flavours from the Middle East. Josh’s menu will include; Za’atar chicken liver, pomegranate molasses, charred endive, blackened green chilli aioli & burnt flatbread and a ‘Guest Fry’ of Saffron & Turmeric Buttermilk Fried Drumstick and Thigh, date syrup glaze, smoked garlic tahini, harissa, coriander & blackened spring onion and to finish, a Caramelised Banana and Nutella Pita Sandwich.
Let battle commence!

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Tickets available at Eventbrite NOW 

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