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Wagyu like Ragu! It’s the only way we can remember the correct pronunciation! But of course, it ain’t nothing like spag bol! It is the most luxurious beef anyone could ever chow down on. And thanks to the lovely folks at Benihana, we got to sample the best of the best.

Now Benihana has been a London hang-out for a while, but we went down to check out what they have to offer at the moment. The bar area is super trendy, serving Japanese inspired cocktails – our favourite – the sake and lychee hi-ball. We were lucky enough to try sake served three ways – room temperature, on ice, and served warm – we’ve gone from sake haters, to fans – maybe even connoisseurs!

Benihana Wagu

Benihana Chelsea has two main dining areas, each with teppenyaki stations for the amazing chefs that prepare your food. The restaurant has a theatrical element – the chefs interact with their diners, with knife skills that make your eyes pop, flips and tricks whilst cooking you a feast. Our dedicated chef impressed us with his Onion Volcano!

And due to this interaction, Benihana makes for a great all-rounder venue for everyone. Impress a date, hold a birthday, a family meal – such great vibe with fab food!

Benihana Wagyu 3

Whilst we were there we tried a good few dishes – our favourite by far being the Wagyu Heaven (Wagyu, Foie Gras and Truffle Oil). Not only that, we tried Wagyu sushi, Benihana’s house salad with their famous ginger dressing, and then of course, Wagyu steak seared fresh on the Teppan.

But that’s not all that Benihana have to offer. You have your sushi, tempura, and yakitori that you’d expect in most Japanese restaurants – along with the famous and luxurious Miso Black Cod. Benihana can be expensive, they offer tasting menus, and due to how Wagyu Beef is produced (the cows are massaged and sometimes fed beer!), you’re paying top notch for top produce. But at the same time Benihana offer a lunchtime deal at approximately £18 for seven courses, yes SEVEN! Sushi combos and bento boxes are a good, cheaper alternative too.

Benihana Wagyu 16

With the awesome food, and the delightful and attentive staff, we know we’ll be returning sooner rather than later! Arigatō Benihana!


Photo Credit: Victoria Metaxas

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