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Beating Jet Lag with North West Cherries

North West Cherries

This is a sponsored post.

Have you ever experienced jet lag? Not just a mild case of insomnia but the all-encompassing can’t sleep with all my might, wide awake at the crack of dawn, completely run down feeling a bad case of jet lag can cause.

It can be totally crippling, wiping you out completely. And it’s not just lack of sleep – jet lag can be responsible for headaches, appetite changes and *ahem* digestive problems thanks to your poor body being totally out of kilter. It’s grim.

I remember the first time I got a proper case of jet lag. It was the very beginning of my six month round the world trip, and we’d flown from London to LA. I remember lying in my dorm room, trying not to disturb others but being completely incapable of closing my eyes. So out I went to explore this new town. Let me tell you, downtown LA at 6am is not a place you want to see. It’s also very cold at this early hour of the morning in February. Later that night, a bartender took such pity on me and my sore throat, that he prescribed me a hot toddy. Which bearing in mind I was only 18 (under the legal drinking age in the states!), probably showed how sorry for myself I looked. I’d love to tell you it worked but…well, it didn’t.

Obviously your holiday is the most sacred time of the year, something we all look forward to whilst at our desks, counting down the hours until we can put our ‘Out of Office’ on for a few blissful days or weeks. So the absolute last thing you want to risk is getting wiped out with a bad case of jet lag. But rather than avoid long-haul flights altogether, could there be another way…

North West Cherries

YES! Luckily there are ways of preventing jet lag, and like with most things, prevention is better than cure. Along with avoiding alcohol and doing light exercises on the plane (try stretching and walking), eating cherries has also been shown to be an effective way to combat jet lag.

In fact snacking on NW Cherries the night before you’re due to catch your flight might even help. Especially if you’re anything like us, where a mix of excitement and fear that we’ve forgotten to pack something/will miss our alarm going off (delete as applicable) often keeps us wide awake before a flight – long haul or otherwise.

It’s got to be worth a try, right? It’s not like they are hard to get hold of (the North West Cherry season runs throughout August in the UK – ideal for holidaying) and they are one of the few things we love to eat that require zero prep. Hurrah.

So whether you’re jetting off or returning straight to your desk from the airport, don’t forget to pack the North West Cherries alongside your passport this summer.

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