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Barts Launches Mood Menu

Chelsea’s hidden speakeasy, Barts, has created the Mood Menu, using ingredients scientifically proven to ensure the body and mind function at their best.

The innovative new menu features three mood-boosting cocktails that will enhance happiness, facilitate focus and encourage relaxation.

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Happiness is a euphoric cocktail that packs a punch with vibrant fresh fruit that is rich in nutrients necessary for serotonin to develop and reach optimal levels in the brain. Studies have shown that an increase in daily fruit and vegetable intake is positively correlated with happiness levels. Made with strawberries, lemon, cherry tomatoes, maraschino cherries, sugar, basil leaves, pepper and Belvedere Vodka, Happiness will boot up serotonin levels and increase endorphins that will have guests feeling elated and centred.

Relax is a tranquilising libation with stress-busting ingredients, including Barts camomile elixir, lavender extract, lemon guise, cardamom and Zafferan Tanqueray. Rich in calcium and magnesium, camomile helps alleviate stress and calm nerves. Research proves that lavender helps eliminate anxiety, relax the body, and promote a peaceful night’s sleep. Lemon has many nourishing elements from vitamin C, to protein and will help keep the nerves at bay and keep the mind cool and collected. Relax is a soothing tipple that will help guests unwind and ease the stress of life’s daily pressures.

Focus is a stimulating, alert-boosting cocktail made with smoked wheat coffee beans, Kamm & Sons blend of herbs, spices, fruits, berries, leaves and flowers, hazelnut syrup and BoB bitters. Coffee is packed with caffeine and from the moment it hits the brain, it boosts serotonin levels and positively impacts the mood. Caffeine suppresses a neurotransmitter in the brain called adenosine, that influences attention, alertness and sleep. When caffeine blocks adenosine, it keeps the body awake and alert and has been proven to boost mental performance throughout the day. Focus will ensure guests stay sharp and on the ball!

Sounds like all the encouragement we need to sink a cocktail or three! Cheers!

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