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Barrio Soho

We check out the relaunch and reveal of Barrio Soho’s revamp….

Having been a fan of all the Barrio bars for years, we weren’t quite sure how they could improve on what was there already – the old, if it ain’t broke… kind of thing. But boy they did good!

Sampling their delicious new street food menu – the Lamb Taco was sumptuous and smokey, the Pulled Pork with caramelised pineapple on top, super more-ish. At £6 a pop, we found the portion size great, one dish enough for a pre-drinking snack, but lots of choice to keep on going if you’re visiting for an evening meal. Eating there without ordering the ceviche would be a serious crime.

We also find you can always judge good Mexican food by their guacamole and Barrio did not disappoint. Homemade, tangy, fresh and creamy – and a very decent sized bowl.


Throughout the night we were tempted with their new cocktail offerings, our favourites being the Rumshackle and one for the brave, a very strong Ol’ Dirty Bastard. We’ve never quite been able to come to terms with Barrio removing their classic Hawaii N Dry from the menu – feel free to bring that back at any time guys!

All in all a very lovely evening, the decor has been spruced up, as well as an amazing improvement of the ‘facilities’ (loos), but none of Barrio’s eccentric charm has been lost in the revamp.  We will be back! Who are we kidding, we will be regulars!



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