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For fifty years this little underground gem was nothing more than a disused public toilet; but after a couple of years restoring it some clever man called Peter has turned it into a quirky little coffee shop. Its a hipsters dream.

The old attendants office is the kitchen, cooking up some gorgeous bbq pulled pork in soft shiny brioche buns. Along with some depressingly more’ish cakes and brownies. We went with the easter vibe and demolished a little brownie covered in marshmallow, chocolate and mini eggs. God help us if we ever become diabetic becuase it was too nice not to have in your life!

Im not a big coffee connoisseur but It was a great cup and whilst we waited we were served delightful glasses of cucumber water. You may struggle to get a seat and it doesnt take much for a queue to form, so be prepared to snuggle up to a stranger. But once you’re in and settled you’ll want to sit there all day 🙂



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