AtHand App

AtHand App

We’re always on the lookout for new food & drink apps to make Londoner’s life easier/more exciting (delete as applicable). Joining the likes of MealPal and MealFix which we reviewed last year, comes AtHand.

AtHand connects users to restaurants so you can pick up your food and drink on demand and at the touch of a button. No queues, no payments, no waiting around – just walk in, pick up and walk out. Pretty handy we must say (see what we did there?)

So what’s the difference between this and those we’ve featured before we hear you cry? Well for a start the entire menu is available and the prices are the same as in-store. Unlike MealPal or MealFix, they aren’t subscription based, you just pay per order. The app is also for picking up coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner (not just lunch), which is great if you sometimes pick up your salad with your morning latte like us. With the others you also have to book your meal well in advance and know what time you’ll go and pick it up, which can be quite frankly unworkable – we’ve ALL been called into a last minute meeting we weren’t expecting.

We enjoyed a black rice based dish from 26 Grains – restaurant quality and served in a sturdy pot, it stayed hot all the way back to the office and featured good quality salmon, crispy kale, avocado and radish – it was blimmin delicious.

Although we did feel a bit of a wally jumping the queue (which was going all the way out the door!!) and waltzing straight to the front. But hey, we could get used to it.

Also available on the app are Ethos, Detox Kitchen, Comptoir Libanais, Island Poke, Rum Kitchen, Tombo, Le Bab, Honi Poke, Kua ‘Aina, Foley’s, Dum Biryani, Yalla Yalla, Over Under Coffee, BRGR.Co, PIDE, Pilau, ICCO, CLAW, Noura, Souli, Morty & Bob’s, Acai Berry, Calcutta Street, etc.


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