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Mince pies, roast potatoes and mulled wine – these are the staples of a Christmas meal. But last year a group of us opted for bison, zebra, crickets and absinthe at Archipelago.For your own I’m a Celebrity’esque night out this is a winner. Though it’s not all gimmicks. The food was great, well presented and, obviously, a great conversation starter!

The decor was just as exotic as the food with peacock feathers and palm trees surrounding you and the many ornaments. I don’t remember there being an exotic brothel in Indiana Jones; but if there was then this is probably where they would have borrowed the props for the set from.

As fancy as it all is, you mustn’t steal any of it – they’re very clear on that (because usually it’s not frowned upon in regular eateries?)


The menu came in an old book, slipped in amongst the worn pages, which was a nice touch. Mine had a little message inside – scribbled by a previous diner. It was an Australian porn star who had visited for her birthday earlier in the year. I can vouch for the authenticity as I promptly found her on Twitter and let her know I’d found her message. She was pleased. Not pleased enough to send me a free DVD though. Some people huh!

After crunching through an insect salad (we ordered 2 to share between the table of 8) and tasting each others various exotic meats; zebra, bison, crocodile, we had a surprisingly lovely – though tiny – dessert of chocolate covered scorpions – complete with a knife to remove the stinger.


If you do go, and I urge you to, just the once in your lifetime, then you must order the “Visit From The Doctor”. I won’t give away the whole experience but ours did entail some double shots of absinthe that had been used to pickle a snake…


by @Jarvdesign

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