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Arancini Brothers masterclass with Moretti

As a preview to the Moretti Gran Tour, kicking off on Tuesday 19th July, we went to the Arancini Brother’s Factory in Kentish Town for a masterclass in arancini making. 

We were greeted by ‘Big Dave’, one half of the Arancini Brothers, and chef Joe Hurd who would be giving us a demonstration in the art of arancini before we were let loose to try for ourselves! For those who may not have heard of them before, arancini are made of risotto which is then rolled into golf ball-sized balls and fried to be deliciously crisp!

Joe talked us through making the basic risotto recipe where we learnt some good tips for our own future endeavours, and some of the history behind arancini, and the variations that can be found. We also learnt that the best arancini can supposedly be found on the ferry crossing between the mainland and Sicily – if that’s not an excuse for a trip I don’t know what is!

The Arancini Brothers risotto balls are made up of flavoured risotto, rather than filled like some arancini. We tried the Mushroom Zucchini (which are vegan) and the Mediterranean Feta and Olive which were absolutely delicious. Although fried they don’t taste greasy at all and the risotto filling was packed with flavour. Best of all, the rice kept its texture so didn’t feel like eating baby food!

We also got to try their burgers. Now you probably think the same as we did, risotto burgers? No way! But let us tell you, they are delicious! Our absolute favourite was the Dolcelatte Blue Cheese Burger which is a risotto veg patty topped with Dolcelatte blue cheese, onion jam, mix leaves, fresh tomato, special mayo and served in an organic brioche bun. It gave a lot of the meat burgers we’ve had over the years a run for their money!


As well as all of the arancini excitement, we were treated to a special preview of Birra Moretti’s new La Regionali range. Having been available in Italy since last year, they are bringing them over to the UK, starting with two flavours, the Siciliana and the Toscana. Based on the classic Moretti, they are worth a taste on a warm summer’s day!

You can sample the new Le Reginali beers, arancini from the Arancini Brothers, and much much more at the Moretti Gran Tour from Tuesday 19th July until Sunday 24th July at Brick Lane Yard at the Old Truman Brewery.
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