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Announcing Yard Sale Pizza

Anywhere that has Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin and his band The Pizza Underground perform at their pizza launch is always gonna be a firm favourite with us! (If you’re not familiar with these guys, they replace the lyrics of The Velvet Underground hits with pizzaisms and have songs called, Take a Bite of the Wild Slice, etc. You get the jist!)


As gutted that we were not to have attended, we will be hotfooting it down there on June 3rd when Yard Sale Pizza, a new delivery and dine-in on Lower Clapton Road will open its doors and start offering handmade stone baked pizza.


A menu of five staple pizzas with seasonal specials will feature the likes of ‘the holy pepperoni’ with Cobble Lane pepperoni, Napoli piccante, & crumbled Nduja sausage; ‘PSB’ Purple sprouting broccoli, parmesan, pine nuts, garlic & olive oil and ‘That Tuna One’  – strips of fresh raw tuna with an anchovy and caper paste topped with fresh rocket leaves. A selection of homemade dips, shakes, ice cream, beers & soft drinks complete the line up.


The Yard Sale team – Johnnie Tate, Nick Buckland and Dan Spinney – have spent the last year perfecting their pizzas at a series of pizza parties for friends and family, using a woodburning oven they built in Johnnie’s back yard. With their distinct dough recipe in place and keys to their first permanent site, the guys are looking forward to firing up the oven and opening doors!


AND if that hasn’t already tempted you to cheat on Sodo then they are offering the first 50 12” pizzas free for a week!

Visit from 5pm from 3rd-8th June, show them Yard Sale Pizza facebook post and collect your handmade pizza……

For more information visit: http://www.yardsalepizza.com

Twitter: @yardsalepizza | Facebook.com/yardsalepizza
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