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Amici Miei

If like us you’re only familiar with Amici Miei 2 go via Jaguar Shoes, it might be time to pop in to the proper restaurant to try the rest of the menu.

See, Amici Miei are so much more than their crusty sourdough pizzas. Owner Cristian Nocco has recently added new dishes to the neighbourhood menu, inspired from regions across the whole of Italy. The extensive menu means you can kick back, relax and spend all night there.

Start with a selection of antipasti and Cicchetti or ‘Italian Tapas’. If possible go with a LARGE group – there was so much on the menu we wanted to order that we’ll have to return for round two.

Cheese lovers will rejoice at the deep fried baby mozzarella balls with a homemade tomato sauce or a traditional plate of Burrata. A new dish to try is the polenta with an ultra-rich gorgonzola and truffle oil sauce. It’s a hefty portion, not to be attempted alone!

Amici Miei Polenta

The ravioli has been updated and stuffed with yet more Burrata (what can we say, we’re obsessed!) and king prawns, served in a sweet cherry tomato bisque with plenty of garlic and basil.

Of course you can’t beat a homemade ragu and Amici Miei’s pappardelle with wild boar is no exception.

Amici Miei Wild Boar Ragu

A generous portion of tuna was sliced, and served rare with the unusual addition of a chia seed crust. Served with lighter than light puntarelle (similar to chicory) in a crisp bread basket.

Amici Miei Tuna

Of course, their infamous pizzas are still proudly on the menu. Newbies include the Pugliese with mozzarella AND Burrata, basil pesto and cherry tomatoes or the Supercazzola with mozzarella and slow roasted pork belly. The DREAM.

Amici Miei literally translates as ‘My Friends’ and we think that sums it up really. A cute romantic vibe for when you want to linger a little longer then Jaguar Shoes allows.


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