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Find out what we thought of allplants – the vegan food delivery service.

I think it’s fair to say that on the whole we’re all trying to eat as healthily/ethically/mindfully as possible nowadays. But I also think it’s safe to say that we’re all so damn busy. To those of you that manage to walk down to your local farmer’s market, filling up your reusable tote with organic veg, before meal-prepping for the week ahead, good on ya! For the rest of us, let me introduce you to allplants.

We’re all familiar with food delivery services, in fact, we’re a big fan of the likes of Abel & Cole veg boxes and the like, but allplants is a bit different to anything else we’ve tried so far.

Brothers and co-founders JP and Alex Petrides launched allplants back in January 2017, on a mission to get the nation eating plant-powered food without any of the faff. And let’s be honest, although it’s never been easier to follow a vegan diet (especially if you live in Hackney), it can be hard if you don’t plan ahead.

As the name suggests allplants delivers vegan meals straight to your door. They are all frozen so you there’s none of the guilt of using fresh food up before it goes off and they’re all hand-made so you don’t feel gross for eating a ‘ready meal’. Oh and the packaging is gorgeous (and fully recyclable of course).

The boys clearly know what they’re doing. JP loves creating products and scaling them for social purpose; he founded Africa’s first mobile bank, helping +10M across East Africa move from stuffing cash under the mattress to savings and an overdraft on their phone (m-Shwari), and continues to build an award-winning retail health chain (Penda) serving the primary healthcare needs of normal families in Kenya everyday. Whilst Alex is the one with a foodie background, building Propercorn from the ground up, as employee number 1. After 5 years, helping Propercorn grow from zero to 3,000,000 packs of popcorn popped per month, Alex joined his brother to follow his passion for togetherness and a more sustainable – just as delicious – future.


They’ve already served over 100,000 meals nationwide with 50% of their customers labelling themselves as flexitarians (that’s us!) so we’re clearly not the only ones that are loving what they do (and apparently Duffy and Professor Green are fans too!). Our favourite was the Cashew Mac – a plant driven take on the comfort food classic, it contains whole grain macaroni (told you it was healthy!) with a creamy cashew sauce, smoky mushrooms, tomatoes and roasted kale. Portions are really decent so you don’t need to add anything to fill you up. Oh and you can choose from one person portions or two people – we’d go for the larger size as even if you’re eating alone, you can take the rest in for pack lunch the next day – hurrah! At the end of a long day, we really loved knowing that there was a healthy, plant based meal waiting for us at home. No shops, no cooking, no fuss. We’re def going to reorder and keep some as a backup.

To mark Veganuary, allplants recently launched four new dishes: Kimchi Grain Bowl, Polpette Orzo, Biryani Jewel and Keralan Sundown. And yes, they’re all incredibly delicious. Allplants meals start at £4.99 per serving, with single serve at £6.75, and are available UK-wide.

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