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Alice’s Adventures Underground

Spending an evening in a dark, dank tunnel has never sounded attractive… But as HUGE fans of the Alice in Wonderland story we simply couldn’t turn down the chance to visit Alice’s Adventures Underground and Bar!

And boy are we glad we did! With no idea what to expect, both confessing to having friends already experience this but not really taking much notice of what they said, we headed to The Vaults at Waterloo.

We promise we won’t divulge too much, the magic is in the being there, but we can tell you that both of us had very different experiences!

Near the start of the show you’re given your traditional Wonderland choices… “Eat Me” or “Drink Me”. Now as two pretty independent women (clicks fingers like Beyoncé), we decided to take one of each. One of us went through the Eat Me door, sucking on a fruit pastille, the other through the Drink Me door with a little potion bottle in hand.

Between us we got to meet the White Rabbit, Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and were part of painting the roses red. But the best experience by far was seeing Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee in action!

We met up again at the Mad Hatters Tea Party where you could exchange your pre-purchased wine cork for a cocktail. Of course, this is an optional purchase but we felt it brought us even further into the immersive experience, sipping gin from a vintage teacup whilst in the middle of the party!

Towards the end the tension mounted, as we were all put in front of The Queen of Hearts. Luckily despite her anger, we all left with our heads intact, heading straight to the bar.

Wonderland re-sized

Covered in Wonderland memorabilia, florescent flamingos and a live band, we topped up our tea cups with the strongest cocktails we’ve tasted in a long while! Upstairs you can try your hand at some croquet, and find yourself lost in the Maze. With original cocktails including ingredients such as Mead and Basil, and food available from Pieminister, all makes the bar a worthwhile destination before your performance starts too. We made our way through the drinks list and a surprise circus performance from the Dodo made for a fun ending to the night. A place full to the brim of stuff and nonsense!


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