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A Little Lusciousness

We FINALLY made it to the lovely Rosie Llewellyn’s pop up supper club A Little Lusciousness – and it was well worth the trip to Chelsea!

Supper clubs are one of the reason’s we created Crummbs many moons again. The excitement of finding a menu that floats your boat, in a location that you may not otherwise think to go to or even have heard off PLUS the fact you have to be quick as it’s normally for one night only still get us going. And although we don’t make it to as many nowadays as we probably should – it’s people like Rosie that show us just how great they can be.

This was Rosie’s first lunch time sitting, in the atmospheric speakeasy Barts in Chelsea. The all-female posse (there was only one bloke dining, boys take note, this could be a seriously good pick up spot!!) it had an infectiously fun vibe.

Barts 0001

Homemade bread with whipped butter was deposited in the middle of tables, encouraging us to chat and share.

Smoked salmon mousse with samphire was our first course and was PERFECT slathered onto the rustic, chunky bread.

We quickly learnt that Rosie doesn’t scrimp on portion size and the slow cooked pork was no exception. Marinated in her homemade BBQ sauce, the accompanying potato salad and naked root veg coleslaw cut through all the decadence, and we couldn’t resist finishing, despite the size of it!

Before dessert comes round Rosie makes sure to work the room – she’s super down to earth and makes it clear her hands are dirty – she’s slaving over a hot stove out there! Totally our kinda girl.

Rhubarb puff dipping shoulders came alongside decadent lemon posset – even my health freak “no cream, no yogurt” guest scoffed hers AS WELL as the substitute dark chocolate brownie she’d had made for her, dietary requirements long forgotten. I think that alone is testament to how good it was, don’t you?


Just as you think you’re done and start to scrabble for an uber (you’ll be rolling out of here, so don’t even think about walking), you’re presented with a cheese board of epic proportions, expertly sourced and served with delicious homemade biscuits.


All of that is yours for £36 – there’s not too many restaurants you’d get food of that quality and size for that price. Trust us, we’ve done our research.

Make sure you grab Rosie at her next supper club, they can all be found on

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