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Cocktail Week 2014: Skylounge Recipes

Cocktail Week 2014

To ensure you can carry on London Cocktail Week 2014 at home, we’ve got a couple of Kraken (you see what we did there?) cocktails from Skylounge.

However if you’re quick they are offering these bad boys for £4 to those with a wristband!

You can find these guys on the rooftop of the Double Tree Hilton at Tower Bridge – head here for phenomenal views of the city. Don’t worry they have a heated outdoor bar!


Dark Passion

50ml Kraken spiced rum

25ml Apple juice

15ml Lime juice

15ml Sugar

2 Blackberries

3 Raspberries

Splash of Ginger Ale


And if ya wanna get fancy:

A Brandy glass

Skewered berries and mint spring


Simply add plenty of ice, pour in all the ingredients, stir and THEN sip!




Tequila (100% agave) (reposado)

Freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice

Freshly squeezed lime juice

Agave nectar / syrup

bitter lemon


Again, just add plenty of ice, pour in all the ingredients, stir and drink!




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