About Us

We eat out A LOT. So after being asked for recommendations on a daily basis we thought it best to jot this down somewhere. This is that place.

Written by Stacey (with the help of some amazing contributors), we will tell you about the hottest restaurants, bars, pop-ups and soft launches that London has to offer!

Fancy getting out of London? All of our Bitesize Adventures have a seriously foodie spin to make sure you’re eating well no matter where you’re heading.

Tweeting & Instagramming from the table, you’ll know where to head whether you’re after a dirty burger to cure that hangover or Michelin star cuisine to spank some cash.

To be totally transparent we do get invited to things and we don’t always pay but we will never EVER EVERRRRR put anything on this site that we don’t believe in.

(But if it is shit, then we’ll most definitely let you know!)

Get in touch below – Media Kit available on request.